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    Claims Processing

    We submit claims electronically; file secondary claims or coordinate automatic crossovers.  If you have an in-house billing system (i.e. Therapy Notes, Theranest) we can sometimes bill directly from your software or export the data to ours.

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    Patient Billing

    Mailing out patient statements; responding to patient account inquiries on our toll-free line.  Sending out out a dunning letter and referring to a licensed collections agency, if approved by the client.

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    Payment Posting

    Entering payments and adjustments from insurance EOBs/ERAs; posting patient copays.

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    Financial Reports

    Access over 30 reports about the financial health of your practice. Examples include insurance aging, patient aging, monthly and daily summaries, and reimbursement analysis for different payers.

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    Follow-up and Appeals

    Calling insurance companies to check on status of unpaid claims; refiling unpaid claims as needed; reviewing denials, and filing appeals.

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    Online Access to data

    Providers always have on-line access to check the status of unpaid claims, look up balances and run financial reports 24/7.  Convenient when you don’t have time to email or call the billing office with questions.

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    Verification of Benefits

    We call insurance companies to verify mental health benefits and eligibility BEFORE the patient is seen. We will confirm the amount of co-payment, deductible, maximum visits allowed per year, any authorization requirements and claims mailing address.

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    Practice Management Solutions

    Time and money saving solutions for your practice include on-line appointment calendar and appointment reminder calls/text messages.

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