PBA offers over above to 30 reports to keep you informed about the financial health of your practice. So you always know what’s going on with your billing.

  • Reports

    Insurance Aging Report

    PBA's insurance aging report allows you to review outstanding balances and check claim status. It is sorted by insurance company and can be printed monthly or at any time to show the age of each claim. The report also displays any notes regarding rejections or follow-up calls. The PBA concept is to provide our clients with the tools needed to monitor and track our collection efforts.

  • Reports

    Patient Statement

    The patient statement provides patients with detailed and clear charges for each office visit. The clarity eliminates the time spent answering questions regarding patient balances.

  • Reports

    Deposit Reconciliation Report

    The deposit reconciliation report itemizes the payment records for the practice. It provides subtotals for the cash, checks and credit charges for each deposit, for any given time period. This report provides clients with a tool to reconcile their payment records – and assures that our record keeping is always in agreement with yours.

  • Reports

    Monthly Financial Report

    PBA's monthly financial summary report details the specific charges, payments, and adjustments documented by the practice. This information can also be sorted by provider and location.

  • Reports

    Health Check

    Quickly monitor the financial health of your practice with PBA's "Health Check" feature. This report continually monitors your practice for 17 different parameters that impact your practice's bottom line.

  • Reports

    Authorization Report

    Do you need to attach authorizations or referrals for managed care? Authorizations and insurance eobs can be scanned in directly for filing of managed care and secondary claims. You also can print out an authorization report to help you keep track of treatment plans that are about to expire.

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