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Testimonials from Mental Health Professionals

I could not have found a better group to work with than Psychiatric Billing Associates. The hassles' and headaches of managing a practice that gets reimbursed by the 3rd parties is gone. The financial reports are clear and easily accessed and our CPA has noticed the improvement as we moved into a stage of growth. They answer all our questions and are willing to assist with the challenges. For us, the service delivered is worth much more than the cost.

Scott Elkin, MD, Austin, Texas

I have been very satisfied with the services PBA has provided to us. We have many patients at our practice and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but PBA has truly assisted us in making Clemson Behavioral Health a successful business!

Clemson Behavioral Health, Clemson, SC

Thank you for substantially helping with this difficult aspect of my practice. I appreciate all your help and the patients are grateful for your courtesy and reliability.

Brian B. Doyle,MD, Washington, DC

Randee, working with you and (our account manager) Fran have been a really enjoyable experience for me. Starting my own practice was really stressful and your company helped so much. Your timeliness, professionalism and attention to detail enables me to free up time spent on billing and insurance discrepancies for doing what I love, seeing patients. Thank you so much!

Anna Lee Hoodem,LCSW, Bethesda, MD

As a psychologist with a busy private practice, I've been very pleased with Psychiatric Billing Associates, both for their financial effectiveness and their professional and courteous customer service to me and my patients. I highly recommend Randee Silberfeld and her team, with a special shout-out to Lu, the billing specialist with whom I work most closely.

Bruce Chalmer, Ph.D, Burlington, Vermont

We ...(are) a private psychiatric practice with over 500 patients... (and) have been a client of PBA for about seven years. The knowledge of psychiatric billing is on target, the service excellent, and the efficiency, phenomenal! .... Our income has increased as a result of PBA's excellent proficiency and 'know how' when it comes to dealing with HMO's and the entire managed care system.

Full Circle Health, Bronx, New York

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