Psychiatric Billing Associates is a full service billing company that has served mental health providers since 1994. Our mission is to maximize insurance and patient collections so that you can focus on patient care and grow your practice. No need to worry about changes new government regulations, insurance requirements and coding changes. Whether it is HIPAA compliancy, PQRS, ICD/CPT changes or e-prescribing, we will keep you up to date with the latest changes. Psychiatric Billing Associates is antional company, providing WEB ACCESS to all your financial data, you get complete transparency and peace of mind.

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    Claims Processing

    Pre-billing - entering patient demographics and insurance information; checking that authorizations are on file; submitting claims electronically when possible; filing secondary claims or coordinating automatic crossovers.

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    Patient Statements

    Mailing out patient statements; responding to patient account inquiries on our toll-free line.

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    Payment Posting

    Entering payments and adjustments from insurance EOBs; posting patient copays.

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    Financial Reports

    Access over 30 reports about the financial health of your practice. Examples include insurance aging, patient aging, monthly and daily summaries, and reimbursement analysis for different payers.

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    Follow-up and Appeals

    Calling insurance companies to check on status of unpaid claims; refiling unpaid claims as needed; filing appeals.

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    Online Access to data

    Providers can check the status of unpaid claims, look up balances and run financial reports 24/7 through our on-line system. Convenient when you don’t have time to email or call the billing office with questions.

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    Collections Assistance

    Sending out dunning letters on slow-paying accounts; submitting accounts to a licensed collections agency, if needed.

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    Practice Management Solutions

    Time and money saving solutions for your practice include verification of benefits, on-line appointment calendar, credit card processing, an on-line patient payment portal, and appointment reminder calls/text messages.

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Testimonials from Mental Health Professionals

I really appreciate the program (that PBA) utilizes for scheduling, posting of payments, reports and billing, as it allows for easy access into the status...

Caroljean Bongo PsyD, Cheyenne, Wyoming

I have been very satisfied with the services PBA has provided to us. We have many patients at our practice and sometimes it can be...

Clemson Behavioral Health, Clemson, SC